Prevot Restaurant & Hotel_Restaurant(Koeln, Dom, Altstadt, Innenstadt, zentral, Bistro, NRW)

Featuring a large terrace on the banks of the Rhine, Restaurant Prevôt offers German and European specialities inspired by French cuisine. We place a strong emphasis on high-quality, seasonal and locally sourced produce, which we prepare freshly for you each day. Our menu changes with the seasons and offers daily specials showcasing ingredients fresh from the market. The excerpt below provides a selection of typical dishes on our menu. 

We look forward to your visit and hope you have a delicious dining experience in Prevôt!

A selection of dishes from our menu

Starters & SaladBlack salsify foam soup 6,90 €

Starters & Salad
Beetroot carpaccio | sheep milk cheese | pine nuts | rocket9,90 € 

Starters & SaladGoat cheese in brik pastry | wild herb salad | walnuts 14,90 €
Pan-fried zander | rosemary potatoes | glazed baby carrots 
22,90 €

Norwegian skrei | root vegetables | vermouth sauce
19,90 €

Linguine | with fresh truffle | in a creamy parmesan sauce
18,90 €

Porcini | fruity cherry tomato and pine-nut butter
17,80 €

Spaghetti aglio e olio | peperoncini | prawns
16,80 €

MeatMarinated venison pot roast | red cabbage | potato dumplings | lingonberries
23,80 €

MeatSucculent escalope of veal | pan-fried potatoes | cucumber salad
18,90 €

MeatArgentinian fillet steak (250 g) | rosemary potatoes | side salad
29,80 €

Almond tartlet | marinated apple slices
5,90 €

Chocolate fondant | with a molten centre | bourbon vanilla ice cream
6,90 €


Prevot Restaurant & Hotel_Innenraum(Koeln, Dom, Altstadt, Innenstadt, zentral, Bistro_NRW) Prevot Restaurant & Hotel_Rheinterrasse(Koeln, Dom, Altstadt, Innenstadt, zentral, Bistro, NRW) Prevot Restaurant & Hotel_Rheinterrasse_02(Koeln, Dom, Altstadt, Innenstadt, zentral, Bistro, NRW)